This page is to show the installation of my 9.2m Lightweight Mast from Tennamast.  All of this in a garden space 8m x 5m.

1.      2.      3.        4.

1.  Groundpost ready for installation of the mast
2.  Head unit
3.  Main mast and head unit
4.  Main mast base showing tilt locking pin and anti-telescope lock.

5.       6.       7.     8.

5.  Mast attached to the groundpost, winch cable attached, head unit and stub pole attached.  Going up for the first time.
6.  Winching up is simplicity itself.
7.  For the first time my InnovAntennas 28MHz 4-ele LFA yagi at 11m.
8.  At last it is visible above the house roof!

9.      10.

9.   Another view at full height.
10. It looks much smaller at 11m! how do I get it to 21m?